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Marty the motorcycling giraffe Story 43 Marty’s exciting European adventure Part 2 Marty goes to Berlin

Marty the motorcycling giraffe

Story 43 Marty’s exciting European adventure Part 2 Marty goes to Berlin

Marty the motorcycling giraffe is having a very exciting adventure in Europe and is currently on a train leaving Paris, where he met up with his friend Jean-Pierre, climbed the Eifel tower and saved some school children from a coach that had crashed into the River Seine, and heading for Berlin in Germany

On the train Marty sat by the window looking at the French countryside as he whizzed by. Because the train went so fast, it wasn’t long before it had left France and entered into Germany.

As Berlin is on the Far East side of Germany, there was still along way to go and Marty enjoyed watching the world fly by through the train window.

The train passed through the cities of Dortmund and Hannover on the way to Berlin and Marty thought that they both looked exciting places for adventures if he ever gets chance to get back to Germany again.

By the time he arrived in Berlin it was getting quite late and Marty was hungry and a little tired. So Marty checked into a hotel and then went to a nice café and sat outside while he ate his dinner (a rather large portion of twigs and leafs).

While he was eating Marty noticed that the Berlin nightlife had started to get very busy, with all the bright lights from the bars and clubs, lighting up the night sky and all the young Berliners walking around in their trendy clothes, chatting, laughing and generally enjoying themselves

“Mmm Berlin seems like a very exciting place” thought Marty “I am sure to find some adventure in this city”

After he had finished his meal Marty went back to his hotel to get a good night’s sleep.

Marty woke up early the next morning, as he was very keen to start exploring the city of Berlin.

After he had eaten his breakfast, Marty headed out into the city with his first stop being a motorcycle hire shop, where he hired a very powerful German motorcycle.

“This motorcycle will be a great way to explore Berlin” Marty said to the man at the hire shop before whizzing off into the city streets.

Marty had a list of places, he had read about, that he wanted to visit in Berlin. First Marty headed for the Alexanderplatz in the Mitte area of Berlin to see the really tall TV tower called the Fernsehturm.

“Wow” exclaimed Marty as stared up at the mighty tower that reached up to the clouds “that is some building.”

Marty climbed the stairs of the tower up to the viewing gallery. Where he got to see a fantastic view of the magnificent city of Berlin. Once he had got back down to the ground, Marty got back on the hired motorcycle and was soon once again whizzing through the city streets of Berlin.  This time he was heading towards Grunewald Park by the River Havel.

Once he arrived at the park, Marty got off his motorcycle and decided to go for a nice walk through the forested area of the park. As he walked through the park Marty couldn’t resist taking a little nibble of some of the twigs and leafs from the top of the trees

“Yummy!! Haya matawi ya Ujerumani na majani ni nzuri sana” (these German twigs and leafs are very nice) Marty said to himself as he walked along the park munching away. After a while Marty came across the Grunewalden tower, a rather grand monument in the middle of the park. He enjoyed himself in the park but soon it was time to get back on his motorcycle as Marty still had some other places he wanted to visit in Berlin

Marty drove his motorcycle to the famous Brandenburg gate, (an ancient gateway into the city of Berlin) and then on to see the last few remaining pieces of the Berlin wall, which for 28 years divided the city between the East German and West German side.

“A wall to stop people moving around seems very silly”, thought Marty “there are now walls back home in the Masai Mara.”

As he was thinking about the Berlin wall and all the families that it separated a gentleman came up to speak to him

“Guten Tag Herr Giraffe willkommen in Berlin ” (good afternoon Mr Giraffe, welcome to Berlin).

“Asante sana” replied Marty

The gentleman then introduced himself a Herr Netzer , and told Marty that he is a school teacher and the his class are doing a project all about Africa and asked Marty if he would come to the school tomorrow to tell the children all about living in Africa

“I would love to come and speak to your class” replied Marty.

So Herr Netzer gave Marty directions to his school and they agreed that Marty would arrive to speak to the class at 09:30 the next morning

That night in his hotel Marty found it very difficult to get to sleep as he was feeling very nervous about having to speak to the children. And he could hardly believe that it was already time to get up when his alarm went off to wake him up in the morning.

After breakfast set off to the school, and when he arrived, Herr Netzer met him at the front gate and showed him the way to the classroom.

“The children are very excited that you are coming to talk to them today” said Herr Netzer

“Well I hope I don’t disappoint them” replied Marty “I am feeling rather nervous.”

“I am sure you will be wunderbar” laughed Herr Netzer

Herr Netzer the led Marty through the classroom door and said to the pupils

“Kinder heute haben wir einen besonderen Gast den ganzen Weg von Afrika, um mit uns zu reden. Dies ist Marty Giraffe aus Kenia” (today children we have a special guest all the way from Africa to talk to us. This is Marty Giraffe from Kenya)

Marty told the children all about life in Kenya, about the great plains of the Masai Mara and other game reserves, the rain forests in Aberdare , the wonderful shores of Lake Victoria, the beautiful beaches at Mombasa and of course about his job as a window cleaner’s assistant in the big busy city of Nairobi. When Marty finished the children all gave him a standing applause and had lots of questions to ask. They also told him a little about life in Berlin.

Marty said Kwahari to the children and Herr Netzer, before heading off to the Motorcycle hire shop to hand his motorcycle back before going to the train station to catch a train to the Russian capital city of Moscow for the next part of the exciting European adventure for

Marty the Motorcycling giraffe.

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