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Marty the motorcycling Giraffe Story 40 Marty and the treasure map Part 2 Marty and the treasure chest


Marty the motorcycling giraffe and his friends Peter and Gloria Ngono, Emmanuelle Wagana and Victor Chipco as well as his very special friend Gillian are in the middle of a very exciting adventure indeed, they have gone to the central island in Lake Turkana at the very north of Kenya to search for treasure, after Emmanuelle had found a treasure map buried in one of the fields on his farm.

After spending the night in tents on the shores of Central Island, the six adventures woke up very early, they gathered some wood together and lit a fire and Gloria cooked some maize porridge for breakfast, but Marty and Gillian of course preferred to eat some twigs and leafs, off the top of some nearby trees.

As soon as they had finished their breakfast, Emmanuelle laid out the treasure map on the floor for them all to look at.

“The path to the treasure seems to lead right round the volcano to the other side of the island, past some really big looking caves and the X for the treasure is in between two very large Baobab trees.

“Harambee” shouted Peter and the six adventures set off, with the sun glistening on the lake behind them and the volcano puffing out small clouds of steam into the otherwise cloudless blue sky.

“This really is a good place to search for treasure” Marty whispered to Gillian

It was a long hard trek around the volcano to the other side and the hot sun meant that they had to stop quite regularly for a rest and to drink some water out of the lovely cool springs.

It was past lunchtime by the time they passed the large deep caves that gave out wonderful echo sounds as Victor ran to the entrance of each one and shouted loudly down them, so by the time they reached the giant Baobab trees they were all very hungry. So before they started to dig at the spot between the trees where the map marks the treasure is, they decided to have something to eat first.

Gloria had brought some Ugali and fried chicken for everyone, except of course Marty and Gillian who as usual just ate some twigs and leafs from the top of the trees.

Asante sana Gloria” Said Emmanuelle “that was a lovely dinner", and Peter and Victor agreed.

“Right” said Peter “we had better get started digging or we will never find the treasure in time to get home tonight.”

Peter, Victor, Emmanuelle and Gloria all started to dig a hole with the spades they had brought and placed the mud a big blanket that Marty and Gillian would lift up and tip the mud out away form the hole, like a big pair of spotty cranes.

With everyone working so hard it wasn’t long before the hole got so large and deep that Peter, Gloria, Emmanuelle and Victor couldn’t see out of the top of it and Marty and Gillian had to bend there necks very low to lift the blankets of dug soil out of the hole.

Suddenly Peter’s spade made a large thudding sound as he tried to dig it into the ground.

“I think I have found something” Peter shouted excitedly

They all started to scrape away at the ground and slowly a large wooden box with ornate gold markings started to appear

“Ndiyo! Ni kifua hazina” (Yes! It’s a treasure chest) shouted Victor at the top of his voice.

With a little bit more digging and scrapping the soon had the chest free from the ground.

Marty and Gillian lowered two pieces of rope into the hole so Peter could tie them to the chest. Then with a shout of “harambee” Marty and Gillian pulled the treasure chest out of the hole.

They then helped the other four out of the hole and Emmanuelle opened up the treasure chest.

The chest was full of sparkling jewellery and old gold coins.

“Wow we have hit the jackpot” exclaimed Emmanuelle.

“Yes some of that jewellery will make us look very glamorous, don’t you think Gillian” said Gloria with a large smile.

The six adventures then started off slowly carrying the chest back to the other side of the island where their boats were. As they walked they all talked excitedly about what they are going to with there share of the treasure.

Once they had rowed the boats back to the side of the lake and handed them back to the fishermen, they loaded the treasure chest into Peter’s van.

“We will split the treasure up when we get back to Nairobi” stated Emmanuelle

As Gillian climbed onto the back of Marty’s motorcycle she whispered to him that it has been lovely to come on an adventure with him

“And it has been lovely having you here as well” replied Marty “and what a wonderful adventure it was as well” he added

But as he started the long ride back to Nairobi, Marty couldn’t help wondering what the next adventure will be for

Marty the motorcycling giraffe

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